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We understand that the thought of migrating your entire online business may seem...overwhelming. With our expert HighLevel migration service we take all hassle out of migration and ensure a seamless transition to High Level so you can benefit from all of its features.

Go High Level Migration

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Transitioning your current online business website to GoHighLevel offers a remarkable chance to transform your operations and streamline your processes. With its comprehensive toolbox encompassing CRM, social media scheduling, automation, and more, GoHighLevel delivers a budget-friendly solution that eliminates the necessity for multiple third-party subscriptions. By consolidating all vital business functions into a single platform, you can reclaim time, cut costs, and boost efficiency.

Although the notion of migrating might seem overwhelming initially, there are avenues to smoothen the process. Enlisting the help of GoHighLevel migration specialists is a viable option that provide access to skilled professionals who can adeptly navigate you through the migration journey with proficiency. Contact us today for a free consultation.

How migration works

By breaking down the migration process into manageable steps, we can systematically transfer your online business to High Level while ensuring you don't miss out on any new leads or customers.

Here's our 8 step migration process.

HighLevel Migration Step 1

Initial Evaluation and Data Backup

Before initiating any transitions, a thorough assessment of your current system is essential. Catalog all utilized tools and platforms, comprehending their functions. Equally vital is backing up your data, safeguarding crucial information throughout the migration.

HighLevel Migration Step 2

Establish Your Go High Level Account

Visit Go High Level's official website to select a plan aligning with your business' requirements. We can advise you on the best plan to suit your goals. We will set up your High Level account so it is fully functional and ready to send and recieve SMS and email.

HighLevel Migration Step 3

Reconstruct Campaigns and Funnels

We begin setting up your campaigns using insights from your initial assessment. The intuitive funnel builder in Go High Level facilitates effortless replication and optimization of existing funnels. The integrated workflow builder allows us to replicate your existing marketing automations and we will suggest improvements that make the most of the platform.

HighLevel Migration Step 4

Integrate Additional Marketing Tools

An advantage of Go High Level is its robust integration capabilities. Whether email marketing tools, analytics platforms, or communication apps, ensure seamless integration to uphold your agency's workflow continuity. There will also be the opportunity to cancel some software subscriptions as High Level will be able to perform the same functionality, saving you both time and money.

HighLevel Migration Step 5

Thorough Testing

We conduct comprehensive testing before going live, encompassing tasks such as sending test emails, completing funnel actions, and reviewing automation sequences. Our aim is to verify that all functions operate as intended.

HighLevel Migration Step 6

Migrate Contacts and Leads

Go High Level simplifies contact migration through its user-friendly interface. You can seamlessly transfer contacts by uploading CSV files or integrating with your existing CRM. Custom fields are created in High Level and synched with the data from you CRM. We leave no lead behind!

HighLevel Migration Step 7

Team Training

Despite Go High Level's user-friendly nature, a learning curve may exist. We can arrange training sessions to equip your team with the skills to navigate and utilize the platform effectively.

HighLevel Migration Step 8

Launch and Ongoing Monitoring

Upon achieving satisfaction with the setup, we initiate the transition. However, the process doesn't conclude here. We will maintain a vigilant watch over the platform's performance, ensuring seamless operation of campaigns and automations.

By adhering to these systematic steps, your migration to Go High Level can be efficient and successful. While the above steps offer a comprehensive guide, migration can be time-consuming and complex. With our proven experience in migration, we can take away the stress of moving your business to this amazing platform.

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Seamless Go High Level Migration

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Don’t let your fear of relocation prevent you from adopting a more efficient and cost-effective option. With our help, the transition can be smooth and hassle-free. Contact us today for a free consultation to find out more.

"Tim helped us to transition over 20 funnels and a customer base in excess of 500,000 contacts. With his expert knowledge of High Level, we've made the move without any downtime and are now enjoying using a single integrated software platform rather than piecing together multiple platforms to achieve the same goal."

John Davy

More Than Enough

"Boost My Business have implemented marketing automations for our business which have allowed us to streamline our daily customer communication and improve our email marketing campaigns. The automations have freed up so much time for our team, I wish I'd had them in place years ago. Great stuff!

Paul Clusker

Backcare & Acupuncture Clinic

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